the art of lost submission and overwhelming odds - Update



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Opening the page for the first time in a few weeks.
Life is still in imbalance and disarray.
Babygirl steps. So I picked up my camera, I collected shells on the beach with the sun on my skin.

A resolution..yes I have made a resolution and put it on the google map! LOL

'Be happy' it says. The resolution assumes I am in charge of my own emotional wellbeing.

I can view the glass half full and not half empty. I have the choice to take the positive from things. I have a responsibility to do it.

I have the choice to take off my panties..or not.

I chose to obey. Local D is back. Life's complexities mean we haven't 'seen' each other (transalation: no spank, slap, sting). I need that right week he says.



I am thinking of quitting, of stopping here.
I notice that when things are really bad I can't write anyway.

No sleep, no creative juices.
I take my camera with me but don't point it and shoot.
Its simple, I can't write, I can't take pictures, I can't play, I can't paint..and I can't dance in the rain.

It seems pointless to carry on with this forum when it's purpose is to reflect whats in me and right now there's nothing i want to revisit!

I am back to square one in the submission stakes.
Panties firmly in place.
I am feeling trapped and very very alone.

To say anything else right now seems pointless.

x L


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