FFF - Unexpected


Happy Friday! Time for another Flash Fiction Friday. Go visit Advizor's blog for all the deets.

It had been five years since his wife had passed, and the holidays were always the hardest. She used to love decorating the house and baking delicious holiday treats. He hadn’t felt like celebrating since the accident.

He had gotten the reputation of a bit of a scrooge, but mostly people didn’t mind since he often volunteered to work the shifts no one else wanted. After a particularly long and tiring shift, as he approached his apartment, he was surprised by the unexpected smell wafting into the hallway.

Is that Christmas cookies? Coming from my apartment?

Prepared for the worst, he unlocked his door and tentatively entered. The pretty brunette from 3C just smiled as she placed the final ornament on the tree.

Why…? How did she…? What was…?

He shook his head, trying to comprehend what was happening.

“Hey, Julie! He’s home.”

A blonde woman emerged from the kitchen and joined his neighbor. Both were naked and stunningly beautiful.

“You’ve looked so lonely these past few weeks, so I invited a friend over to help spread some holiday cheer. I hope you don’t mind,” the brunette whispered in his ear as they both started to undress him.


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