FFF - Surprise!


It's time again for another Flash Fiction Friday! (yes, two weeks in a row for me!) Advizor has taken the hosting reins. This week's challenge is to use the image below, using the word decision. The word limit is 150 words (or 300, if you want extra credit by writing from both perspectives). Double bonus if you write the post without the word fuck.

He wanted to be mad at her. He wanted to feel hurt and betrayed, but hell if she wasn’t so damn sexy. Plus, she looked a little remorseful, right?

He’d returned home from a business trip earlier than expected. He’d hoped to surprise her, but the surprise was his. He’d found her in their bedroom. With Angie and Tom. The three of them were entangled, and he was shocked.

Trying to sort out his feelings, he slipped out into the hallway.

Oh shit! He wasn’t supposed to be home until tomorrow. She’d seen him enter the bedroom and then quickly leave – a look of confusion on his face. She slipped out of the entanglement to join him in the hallway.

She didn’t know what to say. She knew he’d want some space, but she wanted him to know she was there whenever he was ready to talk.

Angie and Tom barely noticed that she’d slipped away; they continued in their frenzy – clueless to the brewing tension just outside the bedroom. Their moans just got louder, making it that much more difficult to be upset.

He looked down at his gorgeous wife once more. I should be furious, right? But staring at his lovely wife, and listening to the heat in the next room, the decision was easy – all he wanted was to get her back into that bedroom.

She took his hand when he extended it to her and allowed herself to be pulled into his embrace. He kissed her hard and whispered, “I see you’ve been a naughty girl while I was away. Your punishment will come later. First, we shall finish what you started.”

She quickly helped him out of his suit, leaving it on the hallway floor before rejoining the other couple.


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