FFF - Two-fisted Antics


The required word count is 255 or less, excluding the title.The required word for this week is “...two-fisted…”

She waltzed in, dressed in nothing but her hat, lingerie, and a tweed coat. She was known for her two-fisted antics, but she was nothing like I’d expected.

She seemed so calm and collected. Confident.

I kissed her cheek, coyly slipping a note into her hand. Her expression barely changed as she read – only the slightest nod of her head served as acknowledgement.

I slinked to the back of the room. After a few more men approached her in the same fashion, she smiled and looked around the room. The lights were dimmed, and you could hear the sound of the doors being closed and chained shut.

A shiver ran down my spine. As my eyes slowly adjusted to the darkened room, I noticed she had taken off her coat to expose her milky, toned skin contrasted nicely against the black of her lingerie.

She stood and hoisted herself up onto the table, crossing her legs.

I could feel my arousal growing. The roar in my head was so loud that I almost didn’t hear her call my name.

I stood before her and our eyes met briefly before she bent slightly forward to kiss me firmly on the lips. Her hand slid down my chest and abs - pausing only slightly before unbuckling my belt and letting my slacks drop to the ground. My cock sprung to life at her delicate touch.

She whispered in my ear to return to my seat. As I did, I heard her call another man’s name.


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